How To install BOTIM – Video and Voice Call

We’re going to look at how to install this app on your phone. Search this application bottom again in playstore for the first time. Once discussed, you will see a number of options as seen in this picture. You can see many apps and now open the first viewing application called Boating.

After opening, please click the option where you can see an option called Install and download the application. This application will be installed from the Playstore to your phone depending on speed.

After installing this application, you will often be asked to wave on your phone i.e. camera images etc. If you are allow, you can use the systems in this application and if you cancel, it will not be able to be used in your application.


Its file size is about 98 mb this application MP comes in. Nearly 100,000 people have installed this application from the Playstore. The application has been updated latest from December 9, 2021 this month.

Install Play Store Link


Its star rating can be seen at 4.4 after its rating on play store. The review is recorded above about 842001. After installing this application, you can use many systems such as video call voice text images sharing voice message.

You can see the Play store link by climbing that link and installing the app on your phone.