Best free video chat app for android and iphone

Now we all make video calls but in some countries we can’t make video calls. Introducing you today is a good video calling app. VPN is very essential if video calling is to be available in some countries. Therefore, it is not possible to make a video call without VPN. If we install the app below, we can do good video calling in the best possible way.


The app is available on the Play Store and the Apple Store. You can download this application by turning them on the link given below. Apps on international video calls We get to know you Download the app and install it on your phone and then sign on to this app. While login, you will be able to see the form to fill your details with your name and other information.

How to Download And install The video calling app


BOTIM APP Download App




Make-free voice and video calls to your friends and family members.

Free voice and video calls over 4G, 5G or V-Fi connection.
Encrypted jumps and calls.
Sher photos, videos, voice messages, and more.
Group chat with Your Friends and Family Members.
Express Yourself with that built-in emoji dashboard.
Operator data charges may apply.