Best free video calling app for android phone

One of the most common problems experienced by expatriates in the Gulf states is that video calls cannot be made home. Whether it’s Facebook, WhatsApp or iMO and other videos, there’s a situation where you can’t call home.


But what we’re going to look at today is an application for them to call their country where we live. This application has installed a lot of people in the Playstore.


You can use this application free of charge with a high number one rating. You can use systems like video call and chat using the application. This application is available in the Play Store and apple irritation.


How to install this application on your phone.?


For the first time, this application name should be searched on the Playstore or the Inku Video Keri application should be installed in the playstore below.

The app is also available in the Apple Store if it is a headphone and apple phone in the Playstore. Select the app after discussing the name of this application. Install the application only after that.

After you open this application after installing, select any options like your phone number or gmail id or Facebook, you take a new account create. The person you need to call must also have installed this application on the phone but only clearly we can make a video call.

BOTIM – Video and Voice Call – Download App


Comera – Video Calls & Chat – Download App


Although many applications are available in playstore, there are two types of application that are introduced today. The only application comes in size of about 98 MP and the new latest update is on December 9, 2021.

More than 50 000 people have installed this application. You can also download and use the application from the Play store as a very user friendly.